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What We Do Where We Go This is a short list of vendors that our experience has shown to function well (either the product or their tech support when needed). Please note we are willing to work with any technology product, but have worked well with these.
We are also including other sites of interest.
What We Like Pictures HP/Compaq
Well built Servers (with US based Tech support for them), good Business PC's.

Great switches and firewalls.
Contact Us Palm Based Products
The best in small hand held devices!

Well built USB Drive enclosures, and SCSI controllers.
BackPacks that work with everything.

The best networking software made!

Is there any other way to make calls? My status

Great service, nice people!

Russian America Rule of Law Consortium
Rule of Law - at it's best!

Toyota Yaris
Small, clean, cool cars!

Going off-road?

Green Car Congress
Info to review before making that big purchase.

The air car
New ideas.

Where your searches should start.

Ebay in UK
Why search in the US when there are more options in other places!

Radio Monte Carlo
Cool music, pop, 80's, oldies the russian way!

Israel Aircraft Industries
Nice new hardware.

Institute for Defense & Government Advancement
IDGA - Always worth the trip!

Defense Update
Reading to relax to.

Defense Industry Daily
And the only big news that matters.

Smart Car
Small, efficient car

World Wide Internet Television

VM Ware
The only virtual machine worth using

Russian Band

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