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What We Do Where We Go During our planned growth over the past decade we have focused on what we feel are the key Information Technology areas for our clients. This has allowed clients to use their technology-based tools and keep moving toward their business goals. We allowed these clients to outsource (not always a bad word) these tasks to us and other vendors because they did not have a need of help on a daily basis. Clients needed ability to call people with specific skill sets only when the need arose and know someone else was tending to the regular maintenance required to make things run well.
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  • Provide project-based implementation of systems (with whatever oversight and multi-vendor management required).
  • Install, configure and maintain laptop/desktop systems along with software and hardware peripherals.
  • Assist in the maintenance of network hardware, back office servers and related enterprise software.
  • Help with asset management to ensure availability of resources and assist with long term planning.
  • Provide technical troubleshooting and issue resolution, both on the phone and on-site, with staff for problems related to the software tools they require .
  • Design and implement documentation of the infrastructure of the organization.
  • Be an active resource for training employees on the use of the IT infrastructure.

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